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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Brandonf, Nov 7, 2003.

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    FYI: There are used , off-lease boxes widely available that are one-two years old that are plenty fast for multi monitor setups and quite a bit of real-time analytical work. These can be had for around 300.00. Much cheaper than new and much easier than building.
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  2. Every now and then Dell builds up a bunch of inventory in their "refurbished" department and they have to blow these machines out. Plus, you get the same Dell Warranty as offered on "new" machines.

    I picked up a P4 at 2.60 with 512mb of RAM and an 800 FSB on Windows XP for $775.00 in early July.

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    End of quarter is usually a good time for Dell deals. I think it was waggie who had a discussion about power supplies, they are important, esp. with powerfull vid cards.

    Cal, where would I go to look into the off lease thing?
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    We get ours through dell. if you dont have a business arrangement with them then there are many vendors that are resellers and refurbishers. These can also be had on Ebay although it is usually cheaper to go direct.
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  5. Since you are in Minneapolis go to General Nanosystems in Dinkytown which is a white box maker. They can set you up with some nice stuff, customized. Nice looking, shiny magnesium/aluminum cases.
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