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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Brandonf, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. mktman



    7033aT -- 49 pounds with many more peripherals to add.
    Wont be able to lift it.

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  2. your an idiot.. Dell is quite fine .. go suck an egg..nitro is psychotic[and a loser]
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  3. I was once told by a Dell tech rep that their MBs were "... built for Dell to Intel specs..."
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  5. Just found on another site, "... Dell MBs are OEM, built by Intel to Intel specs... "
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  6. nitro


    Lift it?

    Mine sits on the floor. This one can actually be put on a rack (it has a 4U adapter) which is where it would probably go.

    This case is big and easy to work with. It is meant to put things in it.

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  7. cartm


    Thanks for the replies..........I built one a few yrs ago, and I am not sure I did a good job, looking for a good motherboard 512ddr 2.5 800fsb, xp pro and a dvd rw. No vid card or anything else even the case doesn't matter too much to me. I have built one at cyberpowerinc for around $850 does anyone know where I can get a better deal or is this the best out there right now?

    Also, what is gig ethernet? Is that a motherboard or part of a motherboard, or a ethernet card? I was looking at comparisons using hyperthreading along w this and the specs looked good.......I think it was cpu mag....... any comments appreciated..............ty
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  8. nitro


    You will not be unhappy with this board:

    As far as gig ethernet, it is simply ethernet that can move data at speeds of 1GB as opposed to the current 100MB.

    It will not help unless whatever is on the other side, e.g., the switch, is also 1GB equipment.

    For 90% of users using this at home, it makes no difference. If you are running a server or a cluster, it makes a huge difference.

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  9. cartm


    Thanks nitro .......if you get a chance take a look at I am not sure if that board is listed there.........thats where I am thinking of configing it............
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