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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Brandonf, Nov 7, 2003.

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    I need to buy a few new computers, but as much time as I do spend on them I am a complete computer idiot. I need something that would support 4 monitors and have as much RAM, Disk Space and Memory and whatever else as it will take to run Real Tick, Kowabunga, Tradeseeker, IB and mIRC together. Can someone tell me what I should get, and also purhaps where I can get it?

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    My recent computers have been Dell. I think they are fine and comparatively well priced. If you want one with high-end components all around, check into Alienware... be prepared for 2X the cost of a Dell. Or, you can have one built to spec at any local computer shop.

    1. Just about any modern computer will fulfill your needs, but I would avoid "proprietary" brands such as Compaq, HP, or Sony. The critical elements will be Win2K or XP (Pro?) OS... I have both and prefer Win2K for my trader... and adequate RAM.
    2. If you're not storing music or video files, any HD will work. The "8 mg buffer/cache" ones are nice... they start at 80gb and go up.
    3. 1Gb of RAM should do it.
    4. Make sure you have enough PCI slots on your motheroboard to accommodate all your video cards and peripherals.
    5. Get all of your video cards from the same manufuacturer. Video card driver conflicts are particularly viscious. There are various "4 monitor solutions" for video cards. Which brand and application might be your last decision... after you have accounted for your total PCI slot needs. (Unless, of course, you just want to buy a "quad" card and spend $700-$1000 on the card alone. 4 single head cards can be had for <$100 total.... that's what I use and it works perfectly.)
  3. Speed is less important then noise! My computer makes NO noise. I LOVE IT.
  4. Volker,

    You make us curious, tell us some more about your computer, please.

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  5. I have also a very low noise system.
    However, it produces still around 24db.
    I would be glad to hear about a zero noise computer.
  6. You may want to check out the Dell 400SC P4 2.4Ghz 800MHz FSB for $373 after rebate.

    It comes with 256KB with the promo as well (same price as the 128KB.)

    You can pick up a couple matched pair of 256KB (512KB total) for around a $100 for a total of 768KB. An example of some basic stuff:

    If you want to add a CD-RW in the after market it will run about $15.00-$20.00 after rebates depending on what the deal of the day is from Best Buy, Office Max,

    The video card is up to you depending if you run digital LCD's or CRT's. You can go with a quad or dual with 2 PCI's (I think)

    This forum is helpful with questions about the system:

    It does not come with an OS, but if you have a copy of W2K floating around just load it and go!

    Anyway, you can get a VERY fast system for around $500.00 before you decide on your video card options.

    Mine runs flawlessly with 1 GB of Kingston HyperX and doesn't even breath hard with 3 simultaneous applications running and is VERY quiet.
  7. Hi.

    Here is the link to the company where I bought the computer. No fans, the only thing that I can hear occassionaly is the harddisk. Believe me, once you have computer like that you suddenly realize that even a TFT monitor can make some noise (changed it of course). The price is high, but the guys know what they are doing., unfortunatly it is all german, but maybe with a lot of interest form here they might translate it?
  8. Here is the translated version:

    some of the grammar is amusing!
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    Do NOT skimp on your system. It is your lifeline.

    I was trading on an old Pentium machine, and running RealTick, IB, and some homegrown apps, and I was hanging all the time.

    Here's what I bought several months back, and it is a dream:

    - Dell Power Workstation 650
    - 1 GB RAM
    - Level 3 cache
    - 120 GB HD
    - Dell Flatscreen Monitor Model 1703.
    - Standard graphics card that came with machine supports
    2 monitors, but you can upgrade this to a card that supports 4
    - UPS backup system (gives you 15 minutes, if power fails)
    - External HD (used for backing up system)
    - Wireless Gateway router
    - Inkjet Dell Color printer
    - CD/Rom; DVD ROM burner

    The system cost me about $ 4K, after rebates.

    Also, I have a broadband cable connection, and a backup dial-up line as well.

    Well worth the price of admission. My system flies, and I no longer have to worry about technology working during my trading day; I can focus on my trading.
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    P.S. to last email:

    I bought from Dell directly over the web ( You can pick and choose all options, which is really nice. Also, you automatically get 24-hour in-home service (if you are not technically inclined), and can upgrade that to same-day service, for a small fee. Well worth it, if you are a computer neophyte.
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