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    I need some opinions...
    I want to run a super fast computer with windows xp and 6 monitors (4 of which will be using esignal intraday charts w/ multiple indicators on it)

    I found at a system (f-22)
    here are the specs. I have looked at dell but cant seem to find a similar unit.

    2 questions:
    1. is this F-22 worth its $$ based on its components (in your opinion)
    2. what would be a comparible unit at dell (remember it must have windows XP)


    f-22 specs

    CPU:: Intel Core2 CPU @ 3.80GHz - Dual Core, 45nm, 6MB L2 Cache, ~1,689MHz FSB
    Memory:: 4GB DDR2-1066 (PC2-8500) Memory
    Video Configuration: : 6 Monitors Supported: 6xDVI (4x30" + 2x24" LCD) [Add $173]
    Operating System Drive: : 250GB 7200rpm 32MB Cache SATA II Hard Drive
    Second Boot System: : No Second Boot System
    Data Drive: : No Data Drive
    Optical Drive(s):: DVD-ROM + Light Scribe DVD Dual-Layer Burner
    Networking: : Gigabit LAN, No dial-up modem or wireless card
    Parallel Printer Port for non-USB printers: None
    Operating System: : Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 [Add $56]
    Office Software: : Microsoft Office Basic 2007: Word, Excel, Outlook [$178]
    Anti-Spyware & Anti-Virus Protection: : No Anti-Spyware, No Anti-Virus Protection
    Automatic Disk Defragmenting: : No Automatic Hard Drive Defragmenting Software
    Keyboard and Mouse: : No Keyboard or Mouse
    Speakers: : No Speakers
    Headset: : No Headset
    TV Viewing Adapter: : No TV Viewing Adapter
    Monitors (black in color, no array stand): : No Monitors
    Cable(s): : No Additional Cable (5' Cable Included with Monitor)
    Power Options: : No surge suppressor or battery backup
    Warranty: 3 yr Basic: 1yr next day on-site + 2yr mail-in
  2. This computer isn't "all that fast".. it's a lesser CPU, overclocked.

    The Dell T3400, properly accessorized is at least this one's equivalent.

    You didn't mention the price. They are known to be at least DOUBLE in cost what you need to spend. Anyone who "knows computers" would never buy from them.
  3. True, Falcon Trading Computers is too expensive, but if he knows what he wants and gets the appropriate specs, he can find a more affordable rig by using Google and looking for "custom computers", "trading computers", custom trading computers", etc.

    The thing is, if he doesn't really have a lot of knowledge he shouldn't be using Dell, because they don't know what the hell they're doing when it comes to putting together a good multi-monitor trading rig.
    My advice, get your specs together and shop around for a good outlet that can put together a rig at a decent price. Don't use Falcon Trading Computers unless you just want to blow through your cash for a lot of hand-holding, but don't use Dell either, because they are too far at the opposite end of the spectrum and you will most likely end-up with some non-english speaking Indian person on the other side of your phone just when you really need asssitance.

    Good Luck
  4. FYI - it's been stated within this forum's pages before, but bears repeating. If one purchases a computer though Dell's small business division (including the refurbs, provided the model falls within the aforementioned) the support techs are based in the US and actually do speak English :)

    The only difference is they require a company name during the purchase process - I chose something hokey related to trading. No verification or documentation required.
  5. Exactly.

    People that have actually purchased Dell Precision Workstations from Dell (for trading purposes) know this, but others who CLAIM to know, don't.

    P.S. Dell Precision Workstations are ISV certified and very scalable for use in engineeering, product design, animation, and digital imaging. 3-year warranty, and 3-year NBD On-Site service.

    There is simply no need to spend "thousands" on a trading computer when you can purchase one from Dell for roughly $1,000 that can handle your needs.
  6. damn that is an expensive dual core.

    People do not buy ur computers from a place specializing in "trading" computers total rip off and also the boutitque computers. damn.

    $2,379 for a dual core?

    u can get a core i7 computer with that money.
  7. Redneck



    Not disagreeing with anyone here, but to take the other side for a bit

    I do have a Falcon desktop and it works great – I had them build it because I didn’t want to jack with it at the time - No issues


    I also have an HP laptop that I had custom built

    So you prefer a Chevy or Ford (I'm refering to the vehicles not the stock) as everyone is different

    The other thing I would suggest to use XP Pro, not Vista – but again that’s just my preference

    Remember - just offering feedback – not disagreeing

    Take Care
  8. LOL, thanks.

    I've learned something new today! :)
  9. Here is the link to Dell Computers:
    Dell Business Machines

    Here is a link to one of my favorite Custom Computer Builders - Magic Micro:
    Magic Micro Computers

    Here is a link to another Custom Computer Builider - Multiplex Computers:
    Multiplex Multi-Monitor Trading Systems

    Now there are three choices there with a pretty good selection of price ranges and service levels.

    Just remember, computers have a life-span of approx 3-4 years (watch one of the pros come in and dispute me, LOL) so you want to get the most bang for the buck and know that you're going to need an upgrade in about 3 years or so.

    Obviously, we all wish you good luck. :)
  10. No offense intended.

    I personally think Falcon is good for guys who want the product (trading computer) to work correctly according to exactly what they need and provide them with a level of service that they are comfortable with ... and there's a lot to be said for that, particularly in a line of business where one miscue or blown circuit can potentially result in thousands of dollars of losses.

    But a lot of the guys here are the I'll-do-it-myself type to some degree, and have a lot of experience. So they'd rather be more inolved with process and have a good feel for what they do need and what they don't.

    Ultimately it's a pretty individudal decision which every trader (and want-to-be trader) has to make for themselves.

    Good trading. :)
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