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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arnie, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Arnie


    Well, after a lot of dd, I decided to build my own computer. I just ordered the following from newegg. I hope I did the right thing! I've upgraded parts before, but never done a complete build.

    Enlight 360W Case
    ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MoBo
    Intel P4/3.0C GHz 800
    WD 80 GB Hard drive
    Sony CDRW 52X
    Radeon 9800Pro 128
    512MB DDR (Crucial)
    XP Pro
    Microsoft Keyboard, Optical Mouse

    $998.47 (plus $12 S/H)
    Any comments?
  2. nkhoi


  3. You can do it !!! Just pay close attention to instructions. Be as sure as you can be that all of the wires that you hook up are in their proper places before the first power up.

    Try not to let the smoke out of the motherboard. Once you let the smoke out they don't wanna do right. :D

    Seriously though, read and comprehend all of the instructions - then follow them and you'll be fine.
  4. dont use the radeon cards...nothing but trouble...
  5. Are you sure you would not get a better deal from Dell?
  6. complex


    if you ever need any help, pm or email me, i'd be happy to assist.
  7. pspr


    Building a computer is fun and easy. But did you remember:

    CPU fan
    Extra Case Fan(s)
    Sound Card if not on MB
    Nic card
    Necessary internal cables
    Anti Static wrist strap
    (there should be 2 serial, 1 parallel and several USB ports built into the MB)

    And Maybe:

    And, don't build it while standing on carpet. Go to your basement or garage preferably standing on cement.

  8. MrDinky


    Still? They used to be a real pain in the ass, but lately it seems like more people are recommending them.

  9. Phreedm


    I've got just one word to say. "Ground". Rather obvious, but always remember to ground yourself before touching any components. I've always remembered to do it the first time, but it seemed like a distant memory after I got up to get a drink, and came back to continue working on my computer.
  10. Yes, additionally I always wet my fingers.

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