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  1. No underwriter,

    We started as a publicly traded shell that then went out and found deals
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  2. Good point OJO ,

    But who do you think we got the technology from?
    #22     Aug 25, 2002
  3. If you really want to do something you need to affiliate yourself with the the right people.

    Doing it the way you are is not going to give an institutional investor a warm cosy feeling.
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  4. :D
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  5. ojo


    I thought all the latest technology is invented in the US? :)
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  6. Granted, going through the normal way of Underwriters will get you in the spotlight quicker. But can we forget that a good company with good fundamentals is always being searched for?
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  7. Yes.

    Go back to the good old boy network statement.
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  8. chasinfla,

    Not quite getting the meaning of your undertones, would you be helpful as to elaborate?

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  9. OK, getting some where here, So how and what steps do you take to get to the Old Boys?
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  10. Start building relationships with some investment bankers, takes time. but easy to do.
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