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  1. "Promoting a company in that industry in the current investment climate would not be on top of my list of fun things to do this year".

    IT Security software?

    Have you seen how much is being allocated to IT in the new Homeland Security Bill?
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  2. Because it is:

    1) a lousy market;

    2) a good old boys club;

    3) you need a relationship with an investment banking house to even have hope ...
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  3. Hard road ...
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  4. ojo


    I still dont understand what the company does...

    Compress the e-mail contents?
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  5. 3) you need a relationship with an investment banking house to even have hope ...

    Why would you need them if you are already public and do not need to raise capital?
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  6. To pump your stock; ie, expose it to large institutional investors.
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  7. Who was your underwriter for the IPO?
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  8. Most encryption softwares slow down the process of transferring info because they add the key size of the security to the package.

    This software compresses it which enables it to send the highly encrypted info at realtime speeds (voice, video, and text)
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  9. ojo


    if so its good to sell it to asia like japan....

    they got huge traffic on handphone e-mails....
    and more than half of population has mobile phones
    most of them change their handphones every year or so..
    especially young ones..

    I found that a hand phone with color LCD, digital camera, and gps(yes GPS!!) sold about $100
    compressing their data is very good i think
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  10. ojo


    hmmm thats related to security thing?
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