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  1. Hello,

    I am part of a small start-up we are currently on the Bulletin Board, for the purpose of not sounding like a promoter I will not disclose the symbol or name of company.

    Are current problem is that we are about 6 months away from qualifying for small cap nasdaq, and would like to know how to promote ourselves ( publications, web-sites) and get are company in front of the right eyes (small, microcap funds).

    We are currently concerned with building a profitable company and not hiring any promoters (pump and dump artist).

    If any one has any info on this problem, all responses would be welcome.
  2. Good luck. It's a jungle out there.
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    what do you do as a business?
  4. We are currently marketing a encryption compression software, for use in e-mail systems and wireless text messaging.
  5. That will be a hard road ...
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    That will be a hard road

    Why do you say that?
  7. dangling the bait...
  8. Promoting a company in that industry in the current investment climate would not be on top of my list of fun things to do this year.
  9. Bored, taking the bait ...
  10. But if you are a small company , good cash flow and reserves , low debut , and didn't make any stupid money raising deals, small float, and have good earnings potential. And the most important of all and that is that the directors and all other persons affiliated with the company aren't looking to make a killing by quickly dumping stock.

    Why couldn't you attract funds or big players that are a must for getting a stock to a strong price and good volume?
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