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  1. Hello, I am a new Forex trader. A month ago, I started to trade using a demo account. I want to move to real money account. And want to learn about currency trading and foreign exchange. Please send me your tips, and it will be great help if you can provide me the necessary training or material that is good enough for me to study on my own advices, or any recommendations and books to read before I start. Thank you again
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    Well it’s really good that you want to learn currency trading and foreign exchange You will need to learn things like reading Forex charts and forex chart patterns, Fibonacci studies, Forex trendline analysis and other indicators. There are many forex trading systems and techniques you should learn and understand to help you be a better and more profitable Forex trader. You will learn how to trade currency pairs for the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, British Pound and others. You can start generating an income while you learn all the tools you need to be a successful foreign currency exchange trader.
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    just like that eh tony

    you just forgot to tell him, that it will take 3 years of study

    and 2 or more blow ups
  4. Yep, Tony really <eyeroll> sounds like a succesful trader.:D :D :D