New COMCAST 50MB Speed

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this Landis! I just ordered it for my house here in Chicago and should have the new modem next week.
  2. Just got the new modem. Not too bad...

  3. Awesome. Now if I want it, will the comcast guys still take 5 tries before a tech actually keeps an appointment? And then will they send some dude who barely speaks English and screws up the wiring.

    Or you could just get FIOS, and they can install it on the 3rd appointment. :D
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    i'm getting 40 mb download and 10 upload with comcast. i'm only paying for 16 mb as they screwed up. had the guy out today as my tv screwed up and he wanted to check my modem and is aid why. to check the speed and make sure i was paying for the right speed. i said get out of here i'm trading. speeds good but i think dsl at the same speed is better
  5. I am curious what they are charging for these higher speeds. The fastest they offer in my area 16Mbps and you have to use a valid address to look up pricing online.
  6. It should come in around $112/mon (I don't have any other Comcast services so they don't care to give any discounts)
  7. Thanks
  8. Recently I have been using and I am getting 10 down 2 up in Denver metro. They are rolling out docsis 3.0 soon.

    Here is my thinking. Chime in with constructive criticism please. How much bandwidth can we eat? Seriously? I get a 60 ms ping to Chicago, I trade eminis and some currencies so what do I have to gain paying a significant amount more when the ping time is going to be the same?

    Don't get me wrong I like new toys too, but I am more practical than most.

    I have to buy a new router soon, mine is getting a little flakey. Finally I am seriously considering a dual wan router, although Comcast is very reliable here, for fail over. DSL and cable. Did some reading. The router I have previously looked at Xincom for $220 ish doesn't support high throughput, its $450 for those features. That's more than I want to spend. Consider D Link gigabit gaming router single wan. But I only need it I go over 20 meg down.

    See the predicament?

    So I ask again, what do you guys do with al of this extra bandwidth when the ping time should be the same? Just the desire for more horsepower? I can understand. I am just trying to see if I am missing something before I purchase.

    Let's not forget those new docsis 3.0 modems are about 100 bucks too. My current SB 5100 work well.

    Glad to see this thread it has been on my mind. Good trading to all.

  9. Dan,

    For my trading style, I don't notice (or need) any sort of a difference between 4mb DSL and this 50mb cable service. However, I want as fast as reasonable service for a couple reasons:
    1) I work with large files for some of the web design work I do.
    2) My wife and father-in-law are almost always watching movies on their computers (so faster speeds keeps them happy and not bothering me about poor internet access).

    So for strictly trading, personally I would be just fine with 4-6mb for $20/month.
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