new college grad - 3 options - what do I do?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by greyfox45, Jun 13, 2006.

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    I just graduated from a state college with a degree in finance and minor in economics. I have a few options and I'd like your input & ridicule. I'm planning on taking a roadtrip with my friends in July to Baltimore. I am from portland, oregon. ULTIMATELY - I want to become an equity trader. Here are my options:

    1) Move to baltimore and become a trade specialist. I believe this position is much like an accountant for the traders. Accounting isn't one of my favorite things, but this could go somewhere, as I do like the company culture. Make a salary and be relatively happy.

    2) Move to baltimore and become a prop trader at a firm that is opening up operations there. Put in my 5k, get a job as a bartender, and give myself at least a year to become profitable as I work my ass off every week. It would be difficult but I really like trading. I have at least 3 months of living expenses saved up which will help me get settled and moving (after putting in my 5k capital contribution).

    3) Stay in portland and become a trader's assistant. I can live for free if I want (in my parents house) and make a salary.

    4) ???? (give me a suggestion if you think there's something better)

    What sounds like the best option?
    ***Option 1 sounds like the one with the most growth potential for me, I have a contact there that will help me get the job. Hours will be normal as I'm on the east coast.
    ***Option 2 is very intriguing to me. I've always wanted to be a trader and this feels like the dfjafs... One of my concerns is that the job won't look good on my resume for the future (I want to get an MBA at a good school). My other concern is if I will be able to become profitable while working as a bartender or restaurant server ~4 days a week. Working two jobs puts me at an immediate disadvantage, what do you guys think?
    ***Option 3 feels like the easy solution. It would be a way for me to make lots of money.

    Maybe it would be best for me to choose Option 3, save up enough money to put up a 15k capital contribution at a prop firm while saving up for 6+ years of living expenses, and THEN move to Baltimore. Opinions?

    Thanks for your help. Keep in mind I want to hear opinions from as many people that read this, don't be afraid to post what you think.