New Chicago VPS with AMD Ryzen 5900x & 5950x - while supplies last!

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  1. Brand new Chicago servers now available with Ryzen 5900x and 5950x CPUs.

    These new CPU have a very high single thread rating, which for trading through a remote server, a low single thread rating for the CPU is one of the most important factors to contribute to chart freezing.

    Ryzen 5900x = Single Thread Rating 3496

    Ryzen 5950x = Single Thread Rating 3496


    If anyone is using SpeedTradingServers or ChartVPS, and is experiencing chart freezing, check task manager for the name of the CPU your VPS is using, and compare the single thread rating on

    We're also offering an additional 20% incentive discount to anyone that wants to switch from their current VPS provider.

    Our Chicago servers are built for running critical trading applications 24/7. NinjaTrader is pre-installed, but you can also install and use any other software like Rithmic, Sierra Chart, MultiCharts, MetaTrader, etc.

    For automated trading, latency is ultra low at 1 ms. For example, ping to TradeStation:

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    Correction: ping to TradingTechnologies, which although offers the TradeStation platform they are, at least not yet, TradeStation themselves.

    Which I have, as a customer, never been able to ping to the final hop directly
  3. Thank you for the correction! If anyone is curious about ping to any other brokers / data sources, post the IP and I'll run a ping test or tracert.
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    As a satisfied customer, I just want to say how great your customer service is. Always quick and helpful responses.
  5. Thank you very much!

    Please email your Elite Trader username and I'll help you out with an additional 40% off Black Friday discount!
  6. If you're looking for faster internet for trading, or need an internet connection that never disconnects for running trading bots 24/7, here's the speed test you can expect:

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  8. Hi I am trade on NT8 how this server is help me. Sorry I am not familiar? Thank you
  9. Here are some benefits of trading over our Chicago co-located servers: You'll be <1ms away from order servers, significantly reducing execution times, as well as the risks of multiple points of failure without having to have a major investment in hardware and infrastructure.
    1. Trade on Mobile, Tablet, other PCs. A remote server allows you to run Windows Only applications on non Windows devices. Your trading workspace is on the server, enabling trading from Androids, iPhones, Tablets, Mac, other PCs. For example enter a trade on your PC and continue with the same trade on your phone.
    2. 100% Uptime, Never lose internet connection, Never miss a trade setup. If your home internet connection or router needs to be restarted, your trading workspace on the server is always connected to your broker and data feed. If you have a local PC or internet problem, instantly switch to trading on mobile without missing the trade setup.
    3. Optimize order fills and reduce slippage. By trading on our co-located servers 1ms away from CME, you'll be prioritized in the order queue and increase returns by reducing order slippage.
    4. Automated Trading. Our servers are designed to run critical trading applications 24/7, allowing you to run your automated strategies.
    5. Simultaneously connect to the same brokerage account in multiple instances. For example use the server for live trading and connect to the same brokerage on local PC for testing new strategies.
    Our servers are also very handy for non-trading activities such as Excel Macros and running other Windows only applications, when you're at home or away from home. It is a full Windows PC in your pocket.
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    Why not Epyc which is for workstations? What's the benefit of using consumer grade CPUs?
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