New CFO at Bright Trading..

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  1. ( a bit self-indulgent - but we're all very proud).

    April 2007.
    We want to alert all of our traders, and the public, to our new Chief Financial Officer, Christy Bright-Ross._ Christy has an MBA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and has worked for Bright Trading since 1999._ We are proud to have her with Bright Trading.

    Bob, Don, and Tammy Bright


    All the best,

    Don :)
  2. THANK GOD she looks like her mother!!!!:D :D

    Congrats to her and her proud pappa!
  3. Yep, her dad (Bob) is very proud, as we all are!!

  4. tito


    Just curious - who was the CFO before her?
  5. Mary Bright...Before her, Thomas Bright, and before him it was Baron Bight, who of course followed Bartholomew Bright who was the son in law of Ignatius Bright and the cousin of hubert bright.
  6. Well, thank goodness Don only hires "Bright" people!
  7. :D :D :D

  8. I wonder where nephew Notso is working?
  9. FYI

    i love Don and im only fooling around with him but i actually TOTAlly respect the bright model and the family involved...Siggghhhh If only my kids had an interest in my business...But alas...One wants to be an Artist and the other an architect!,,,,,If any one is interested, im looking for a surrogate son to pass my business to:D :D
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    This nepotism shit has got to stop! Did you even look at my resume Don? Be honest. :mad:
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