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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Huskeez, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Huskeez


    Hey everyone,

    Im 28 years old and work a labouring job in a factory.

    About a year ago, i dont even know how but i stumbled upon "investing" in particular "trading stocks" and all the good stuff that goes with it and i was fascinated, i spent months learning, reading, watching pretty much everything on investments. From buy and hold strategies ie Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, to Trend following techniques by Michael Covel and The Turtles to day trading with Tim Sykes and Kunal Desai.

    I became motivated, i looked at my own financial situation, i was living well beyond my means with around 6 higher purchases, personal loans, paying around 17% and a maxed out credit card at around 20% percent interest and a shit load of debt with 0 assets all of which i had accumulated since starting full time employment when i was 18.

    Last year through alot of hours/overtime i was able to earn just over 100k for the year, plus erase all my debt!!

    Out of all the strategies i read about , i found trend following to be the one which suited me the most and with my own savings , began actively trading on the NZX in early March, which so far has been an amazing experience, with its fair share of ups and downs. Currently my account is up 17.8%, but has been as high as 27%.

    I have come to love the Finance world, which before a year ago was just a word for rich business men to me, and would love to one day be an Investment Banker. Was wondering if there were and actual Investment Bankers out the on this forum, or anyone that knows of anyone that could help.

    Seeing as i am now debt free now with no ties i would love to see what it would take, what steps i would need to climb to become an investment banker.

    I never went to university, I left high school with my 6th form certificate and have been working in a factory since.

    Hope some people can chime in , where im sure i will bombard you with further questions!

  2. Does trading have a purpose to you other than as a source of income or to become professional?
  3. Huskeez


    Yes definitley,

    I have not withdrawn any money from my trading account and i dont plan to. All returns are reinvested. (obviously one day i plan on withdrawing and more likely than not for further asset accumulation)

    I want to obtain a track record, which hopefully further in the future i can produce when heading down the financial career path.
  4. Pipflow


    You made $100k from how much ? How much was your starting investment and how long did that take.
  5. Huskeez


    Hey Pipflow :),

    No i earnt just over 100k in my job , not by trading. Sorry if i wasnt clear with that.