New business model in brothel

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    free sex with one catch, if you ever go to Prague:

    "he 36-year-old bank-security technician drove eight hours from his home in Metz, France, to Big Sister, a Prague brothel where customers peruse a touch-screen menu of blondes, brunettes and redheads available for free. The catch is clients have to let their exploits be filmed and posted on the Internet.

    Visitors to the virtual brothel pay 29.95 euros ($43.88) for a one-month subscription to a smorgasbord of sex listed by position, preference and number of people. Big Sister also produces cable TV shows that air on Sky Italia and the U.K.'s Television X, as well as DVDs such as ``Sex Hyenas'' and ``Voyeur's Eye.''

    ``Our goal is to attract as many people as possible to catch the first reality sex TV,'' says marketing manager Carl Borowitz, who goes by the name Carlos. ``This is National Geographic for adults. Everyone's curious to watch their neighbor.''

    "Nick says he's on his fourth visit to Big Sister.

    He comes for the free sex, good beer and women who are ``polite and very friendly,'' Nick says, at a table with a view of a glass swimming pool where one guest bobs naked. A pole- dancer in a white thong and bra gyrates with a grinning Slovak man holding a wine bottle in one hand and a glass in the other.

    ``It's a different concept,'' Nick says later, as he leaves his details so the brothel can mail him complimentary DVDs of his performance. ``It's what the people want, to see normal people.''"
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  3. That is the solution to financing schools and government. Just as long as it's located far enough away from my town.