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  1. <b>Any thoughts on this? Investment? or this can't be real???


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    New Jet Aircraft flys NY to Maimi on $76 & burns 75% less fuel & maintence than Lear, Gulfstream, & Citation. It is Competely silent so there is no airport restrictions Email me for this PPM.
    New Jet Aircraft flys Non-Stop NY to LA on $300 fuel compared to Lear which would burn $1800 in fuel, it is completely silent, uses 75% less fuel & maintence than other jets, Lear, Gulfstream, & Citation.

    Here is a project perfect for true Family Offices to save cost on Transportation. I am sending you some info on a new amazing jet aircraft that can fitted to carry from 6 to 50 passengers for 75% less fuel and lower maintenance cost than any other jets. This aircraft can fly from Toronto to Miami on $76 in gas!

    It can fly NY to LA non stop with 1200 lbs + fuel on $300 fuel with reserves left. Other jets burn huge amounts of fuel on take off and landing and on the same trip will burn about $1800 in fuel. It is completely silent, so it has Military Applications for Drone Aircraft's with no radar detection, It has Stealth applications and no noise abatement issues or no restrictions with any airport so it can go into airports where other jets can not and can land & take off on shorter runways, burn 75% less fuel on short hops, with a costs only $1.6 million vs. Lear or Gulfstream from $20 to 70 million.

    The aircraft's will be built in Michigan. I would love to set up a conference call with Paul Hines CEO. Please let us know of your interest? Email me your contact info for the PPM and Presentation to show you the engines and aircraft. I am a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Engineering and this is an amazing jet!!!
  2. It is not a jet as you think it is. It is propeller plane with only 1200lbs payload.

  3. no, its actual jet, i have the prospectus---- but it seems too good to be real to me, I am not sure.....
  4. where is it being built in michigan? I live there and am curious.

    PM if preferred.

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    You can only invest if your long lost relative has recently died in Kenya and the bank owes him millions.
  6. funny! :D :D
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    JFK to MIA is about 948 nautical miles.
    JFK to LAX is about 2148 nautical miles.

    You say prospectus says JFK/MIA can be done for $76. Thus, $76/948 = eight cents per nm.
    You say prospectus says JFK/LAX can be done for $300. Thus $300/2148 = fourteen cents per nm.

    You can see the same huge discrepancy if you compute miles per gallon for the two trips.

    Are you sure the prospectus is genuine?

  8. It's a ducted fan engine, which I don't think is the same as a jet engine. Also, they don't seem to have a flying model yet.
  9. ok, thanks. i don't know enough to know the difference. does it make sense?

  10. To be honest it sounds too good to be true. It runs on aviation 100 LL or auto gas while burning 10 gals/hour, I assume per engine. Then top it off with a 300 knot speed at 28,000 feet. I want one! Hope they do have something. The auto gas option isn't so great with all the different formulations around the country they could very easily run into problems, and the 100 LL is a target for the eco nuts. Not to mention I wouldn't be surprised if the oil companies say it's not worth their time to make the 100 LL at some point. Jet A or diesel would be better.
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