New Bull Market

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    It doesn't matter. We do not need to analyze, time, or speculate (whatever you call it) long term trends of markets. To me, there is no bull market or bear market. I am a traders - QDZ.


    I only mean it in the context of this thread.
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    For a while............
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  3. The trend has been up since mid october but significant resistance is near. Risk is going up for long swing traders.
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    i've been thinking we have been oversold for too long, but we just keep trending higher. i thought we would have a bit more troubles at these resistance levels, but we just keep to break them (nasdaq poped thru 200dma for a bit today) i am trading this market day to day, but with an upside bias in sentiment, and a downside bias technically. put buying is of some interest since the $vix is down and we are overbought on a technical basis (although a push thru some of these resistance level and a subsequent retest could change that). people on this board and in general does not concern me too much since 1) they may be right and 2) people were very bullish in the late 90s, and even though they might have overdone it, it is not the envirornment i would want to be short in. just my thoughts...
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    Exasperated Exuberance
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  6. Put the crack pipe down, slowly step away from the computer and sit on your hands.
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  7. A tech garnered rebound to start the bull market, eh?

    Almost everyone has been expousing the past two years how that we will see a "technology led new bull market." The very reason that it is not going to happen.

    Isn't it possible that IT and other spending in the next five years could actually be flat to declining? Cisco has populated their stock to equal the population of the world - and the world doesn'rt need a router in every house(or a Dell computer for that matter).
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  8. Amen Rev

    Historically technology is very low on the priority totem pole when it comes to business spending (i.e. no one cares how efficiently you record sales transactions when you don't have any sales).

    Sure companies need to maintain a base level of technology to stay competitive, but it's very rare that a company in a mature market beats out its competitors because of a new technology (if you want to hear more about this read "Good to Great" by Jim Collins).
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  9. you moron
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    New Bull Market? LMAO :D
    They've been saying that after every rally for 3 years now. :D
    Shouldn't this thread be in the Jokes section? Ha.:D
    I won't ask you if Waxie gave you this idea. :D Sorry. Couldn't resist.
    Just givin' you a hard time.
    (But you earned it):D
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