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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by empee, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. empee


    Latest build doesn't allow execution of OTCBB stocks. I was in one with a conditional that didn't trigger yesterday (even tho my others did that weren't OTCBB). Was advised conditionals dont work in the latest TWS.

    Today, I couldn't sell at MARKET. No executions. Hold time was 10min+ at IB.

    Workaround found:

    Logout, go thru webtrader. You CAN execute that way.

    No notice anywhere of this serious bug.

    .. and I upgraded because the version of TWS i was using had ANOTHER bug that caused ???s to appear when I login with no account access.

    Yikes, doesn't IB have a stable release of TWS?!?!
  2. empee


    I forgot to mention that the only way to know if this is fixed in newer TWS is to call IB and ask their tech support, its not documented and therefore no "official fix" is being released.

    OTC traders beware!
  3. mokwit


    Thanks for the heads up.
  4. To make the information really useful:

    - what version of TWS did you have before that didn't have this problem?

    - what version are you using that does have it?

    - have you tried the beta (879.0)?
  5. empee


    release: 878.5
    java: 1.6.0_03

    Ideally since I'm trading seriously, I'd prefer not to use "beta" software for my trading. This isn't a game for me. Thanks.

  6. And for whom is it a game?

    Your choice on whether you use 879 but given your concerns I'm surprised you didn't try it.
  7. DAV

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    We are aware of this problem, have reproduced it and are working to correct it.
  8. maxpi


    "We tested for this and caught it before release, worked to correct it and then released the software" would be a lot better.

    I've worked in software testing. With enough effort bugs can nearly all be caught ahead of release..... the OTC ordering thing was not particularly arcane, in fact it was not at all arcane, a feature did not work under ordinary conditions, that is the simplest of bugs to test for.
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  10. rdg


    Now charts aren't updating on my side. I don't know what you guys did to TWS over the last week, but it's pretty seriously hosed. One of my computers was running strong with a standalone version from July, and now the layout keeps getting corrupted. The main window kept freezing on my laptop last night and I couldn't get quotes, and now I have problems with the charts on a 3rd machine.

    You can count me in the camp that values stability WAY WAY more than constantly added functionality. Only updating TWS once or twice a year would be wonderful, especially if I knew everything would work right after upgrading. I voiced this opinion to someone at IB last night, but please make sure this message gets heard.
    #10     Nov 2, 2007