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  1. At the moment I am at cybertrader I have been there for the past 7 years I am looking for a new broker. seems like every one here is with IB looking at there site look quite complicated. Trade station look simpler
    Can any one tell me the differences between the two
    I only want to trade equities and options
    can any one compare them to Cybertrader?
    Or suggest other brokers
  2. ssss


    Try AMTD and OXPS ,they are both pure agent of principals ,both are public noted and both have direct routing .

    Small firm can occasionaly make better offer ,as example

    TOS -trading platform
    Questrade -trading against PDT rule for non-USA clients

    but price would not cheaper 5$ minimum and small company
    from author experience offer more legal risk

    IB ooffer better ,but IB is market maker through tmwd

    AMTD offer 10$ by direct routing for 5000 shares .
  3. I've used both IB and TS. I've settled on TS now. TS commissions are comparable, but doesn't have volume discount like IB's unbundled rates. TS interest rates are terrible at 1% vs IB's 5%. But the platform is worth it imo. I use it to trade and use a 5% yielding etrade bank account to park cash. If you're use to cybertrader's platform, you will probably want to go with TS, which I think is better. IB is pretty much bare bones execution, but they execute well. although there is always the thought hanging over IB about them being market makers and shooting against you.