new broker with a spread of ZER0 on all majors!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by spieler, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. spieler


    I am waiting a new broker now with the ask under the bid :)

    Who are these guys?????
  2. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck...
  3. Xenia


    P.O. Box 173
    Kingston Chambers
    Sea Meadow House
    Road Town, Tortola (B.V.I.)

    Profinum Ltd. is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.
  4. Hmmm - interesting. However, a dealing desk broker with zero spreads!?

    Wonder what games go on when you have real money being traded?
  5. bugscoe, games? Common! They just want to be good samaritans and help humanity for free!
  6. Here's the management:
  7. Moe27


    only a true forex fool will fall for this kind of setup and buy into what there offering. gotta be a newbie.
  8. ignatius


    "regulated" in the British Virgin Islands. I'll visit their PO Box on my next vacation.
  9. spieler


    they are in london even if registered in BVI.
    A friend of mine opened an account yesterday and credited his account with his Visa card within 1 hour.
    He sent his first trade was proposed a requote for 1 pip he refused resent and was ok.
    Then he cut with 2 pips spread and made 4/5 trades with between 2 to 8 pips holding the positions for 4/5 minutes.

    The soft is good and it takes less than one second to get a fill.

    My main concern personaly will be the security of fund with this broker ( he only sent 1000$ to test.)
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