New Broker Option Available For Traders Funded In The Gauntlet Mini™

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    Dear Elite Traders,

    We're delighted to announce that one of our proprietary trading partners now offers an additional broker for funded traders. Helios Trader Group has recently started working with Edge Clear, one of the most forward-thinking and trader-inspired introducing brokers in the industry. Live traders funded at Helios can now trade through Edge Clear, with Philip Capital, increasing the number of FCMs available for successful Gauntlet™ and Gauntlet Mini™ candidates. Accounts set up in this framework are already available, including for traders currently in their evaluation. Focus on passing your Gauntlet, receive your live account with Helios, and join the community of funded traders! We’re looking forward to seeing traders take advantage of this new arrangement.
  2. Exactly how would this benefit traders compared with earlier?

    How can traders take advantage of this new arrangement?
  3. Overnight


    By passing the Gauntlet Mini™ I would 'reckon.