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Will societe general survive without been merged

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  1. Hello, Following the scandale of the societe general, or to be more precized, few days earlier a new merjer has been created between fimat and calyon (filliale of societe generale) and its called their offer they propose an fx plateform...Would anybody outthere has any info about this company, are they offering access to individual investors or only institutions? is their platform friendly user and efficient...well , its relatively new so i wont be surprized if there isnt any answers.
    thank you anyway
    Rgds to all
  2. Well, seems no news about newedge....any comments or info?
    appreciate your answers
  3. EPrado


    Are a solid company. Have used them as brokers/clearing and they are top notch. Never had any problems with them.
  4. MrAngry


    Fimat was very active in FX and had an agnostic approach in that it would connect clients to most of the platforms of their choosing. I haven't read or received news that NewEdge is launching a new platform. I would imagine it has the capability to internalise a lot of its flow, but that would perhaps be a significant departure for an FCM. I'll look into it and if there's any more info, will revert.
  5. MrAngry


    Order management tools

    Our order management tool helps clients access in the FX marketplace. Newedge acts as a liquidity aggregator sourcing pricing from Top Tier banks and e-platforms. This business model is designed to provide customers with tight and neutral spreads – an advantage in emerging markets with less liquid currency pairs.
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    Thanks. I'll check with NewEdge tomorrow. Very interesting.
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    Actually, I wonder if its Calyon's old Integral supplied thing rebranded?
  8. not sure
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    It is.
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