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  1. went to the Dollar Tree to buy an item I use regularly

    they were out

    went home and looked it up on the computer

    can buy a whole case from them
    Ups is $8
    pick up is free

    that's the new deal, just order online and pick it up at the local store when it arrives, good deal for them (no over ordering, no stocking) good deal for me, I know it's in stock and I can buy by the case

    so brick and mortar becomes a display center, but you can think quietly on the computer and shop, and your order is ready for you at your convenience

    still pay the state sales tax, so the gov is no longer pissed
  2. and not just small items, also a big item like a TV, you look around at wal mart and best buy, and go home and compare on the internet, you find a particular model you like, maybe it wasn't in the store, you order it and pick it up, and if there is a problem later on you can just dump it on the counter
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    I do that all the time, I was looking for a watch, I went to Macys to price it up it was about $40 more at the store than the price I found online, the website not only offered free shipping, but an additional 10% off. Today they have applications on your phone where you can scan the bar code in the phone and find the cheapest prices anywhere online or at another store that might be 3 miles down the road. Thats why best buy is hurting, you can get the best prices online, why buy a tv from them and pay $100 or $300 more when you can buy them online all day long.
  4. Are you living in the dark ages? You really gotta get a smart phone. You just scan the UPC while in the store with your phone and bam...there is a list of prices for you from all different stores and you can buy right there.

    Why are you old people always so far behind the times? :p
  5. A new era of prosperity? :confused: :(
  6. you're missing the point
  7. you're missing the point
  8. I trade at night, they have candles that I use, can't find them anywhere else
  9. I'm not trying to buy the cheapest item from some fly by night website. I want to buy from my local retailer. I order it, and pay for it. No note on my door, we were here and you were not. No TV sitting on my driveway in the rain. It's on my list of things to do,"Stop by walmart after work and pick up new tv."

    Building project? Browse around at Lowes and Home Depot and look and hold the lumber the flooring and the fixtures. Then go home and think about it, see someting on their website they didn't have in the store? No problem. Put the whole order together and it is all there waiting for you to pick up at your convenience. Any problem? Something broken? No big deal, you don't need to pack it up and ship it back, just take it to the local store and let them deal with it.

    Brick and mortar becomes a display center.

    I love UPS and getting packages in the mail, but not paying $8 shipping for a $12 case of candles.