New Book To Send All Liberals Into Tirades

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    This year's high stakes publishing project quietly went to press this week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

    After years of research and digging by the nation's top private investigators, here it comes:

    "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President."


    The street date is a LONG month away, and author Jerome Corsi, the man who torpedoed John Kerry's presidential dreams with SWIFT BOAT, has gone underground and is holding his new findings thisclose.

    "It's utterly devastating," reveals a source close to the publisher. "Obama may learn things he didn't even know about himself!"


    Does Corsi definitively declare the location of Obama's birth?

    Will the president's attorneys attempt to interfere with the book's distribution? [The publisher vows to vigorously fight any legal action that may be taken.]

    Will the book finally -- once and for all -- put an end to the growing controversy?

    Or will it just ignite new ones!?

    "When Donald Trump said he sent PIs to Hawaii to get to the bottom of all this, he meant this book," declares an insider.

    [THE CASE ranked #1,341 on AMAZON's hitparade late Wednesday morning.]

  2. Perhaps it's 'inside' info from this book which is fueling Trump to continuously talk about the issue.

    Either way, it will sure to be fireworks and great entrainment to watch the liberal media cover the book, using their best "civility" of course.

    Going to stock up on popcorn...
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    You can pretty much buy a straddle on Trump here. He is either going to go down in history as the man who unseated Obama or his career will be over. One thing is for certain. Come expiration, Trump will not be at the money.
  4. Trump is developing his brand, nothing more, nothing less.

    When advertising, the only bad publicity is no publicity.
  5. Although it's only Wed, the talent level needed for this production reminds me of you:

    "Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah), Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
    Fun, fun, fun, fun
    Lookin’ forward to the <del>weekend</del> 2012 Obama campaign"

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    This is going to be a great read. I think they may be releasing it a little early for an effect on the election. Maybe there is enough there to get an impeachment. He did send a supposed copy of Obama's Kenya birth certificate to every member of Congress to no effect.
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    I love Fridays!
  8. Maverick74


    You have never lived in NY have you? The Trumpster is going all in here. This is beyond publicity.
  9. Let's hope Trump prevails on the Birther issue. If he fails and "his [political] career is over", I doubt he cares. If he can play/win on his terms, he'll go with it. If not, no biggie... he has other irons in the fire.

    I see a lot of assholes in the news dismissing the Birthers' argument. I hope they all end up eating crow... especially Bill O'Reilly. (However, he might be expressing "what he's been told"... considering his audience and the ad revenue it brings.)

    In any event, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT ODUMBO... sooner the better.

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