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  2. Hard to say, as to watch and read the market bar by bar you need volume but I didn't see it mentioned in the initial review from your 1st post. Is this what he uses and just doesnt want to say that in the review ? If he uses volume then jump all over it.
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    There aint no short cut mate, now you carry on staring at your screen......
  4. lol.. probably sage advice
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    In one of his articles or webinars he mentions he has volume on his charts but does not use it. Makes me wonder why he has volume on his charts in the first place if he is not using it.
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    No one will ever learn price action (movement) from reading a book. At best a book will set the stage for actual "LIVE" screen time under actual "LIVE" price action.

    Let this sink in before you lose your grocery money. Nothing, absolutely nothing will prepare you for the emotional roller coaster of trading with real money than watching price unfold before your very eyes and then and only then will it hit you that you can really, honest and truly lose money.

    As for the guy that mentioned why no volume mentioned. Reread the books title birdbrain. Did the title mention a word about volume? Sheeezee, the author of the book tells you what the book is about and you claim he is wrong before the book is even out. That shows you are not open to anything that goes against your ingrained beliefs. You are a fool to enter this game with a closed mind.

    Keep funding those accounts, i can always use more money. :D
  7. You cannot replace chart reading experience hours with a book. To my knowledge there is no book that will even come close either. I'll go as far as to say all TA books are crap.

    Either glue yourself to the charts for years or expect to get killed in the markets.

    If you begin this process with no indicators you will learn faster. Only amateurs or sellers advice on indicators, make sure you don't even come close to oscillators.

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