New book on how traders are beating the HFT guys

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    There is a new book out about how current day traders are beating HFT. It is titled “Traders of the New Era: Interviews with a Select Group of Day and Swing Traders Who are Still Beating the Markets in the Era of High Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes”

    It is very appropriate with all the talk about how HFT is ruining trading. I just got done reading it and found it very informative. All the traders interviewed are long time traders that have adapted to the new world of HFT. For me, the highlight is Eric Scott Hunsader who discusses how the new HFT structure affects everyday traders. I have already made a few changes in my trading based on it.

    It is a quick read and similar to Market Wizards, except the author interviews veteran day traders, not hedge fund manager.

    My only complaint is that it could have been edited a little better.
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  2. Thank, mate.

    Are these both institutional and retail traders?

    Out of all the books I read on trading, the market wizards series are among my favorites. Will probably order this one tonight.

    Best regards.
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  3. Thanks for the tip but personally, as a Forex trader, I did not notice any change as far the profitability/drawdown of my system are concerned, despite all that talk about how HFT is "changing" the game and "screwing" the traders (?!?).

    I mean a trend is still a trend, a support/resistance is still a support/resistance and an ascending triangle is still an ascending triangle, HFT or no HFT.
  4. What are some of the tactics they are using then?
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  5. I'm fairly certain the writer has an account here and used to keep a journal. Think I saw him pitch it there.
    Could be wrong...
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    Most are either retail or trading at prop firms. I know that one trader trades at Bright Trading (Dennis Dick) and Jeff Goldman from JC Trading Group is featured as well.

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    He does interview "atticus" of elitetrader.

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    brad10 have you read this book yet? is there really an interview with atticus in the book?

    atticus is drownpruf now by his own admission. and he's been letting loose here lately:
  9. This proves there are some fascinating traders on ET to be interviewed.

    Why didn't the author interview NoDoji?
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