New book on Amazon

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by andrasnm, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. shameless self-promotion alert!!!!

    My new book is available on Amazon now.

    It is about risk and money management plus this and that. Written for the baby boomer to avoid the next Enron and broker ripp-offs. I admit I wish it was ready 7 years ago....
  2. good luck to u... pretty tough to get a book out in this century... care to comment on the writing / publishing process? many thanks
  3. Yes, of course...
    If you go via the conventional publishing house they will help and your books might end up in national store chains but you will make peanuts (I mean pennies per copies sold) and the house still expects you to promote and spend money on your own book as talks, signings etc. If you go via vanity press nobody is going to take you seriously so I am self-publishing. Actually I have tried for a test run and print copies that I send out to editors and reviewers. I own 3 ISBN's and looking at some distributors and printers. I do not have my own cover yet only lulu's imprint.
    My dilemma is my other title has lots of charts and I wanted to do it in color. So now I will have one color hard copy via lulu and one black and white soft cover available worldwide....go figure.
    All in all I am learning the publishing and book selling business and I am having some fun.....
  4. WTG Andras. Hell of an accomplishment.