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    Don't mind if i write a testimonial?

    Excellent book! Small traders that represent more than 90% of losers should read this spectacular book. One of it kind!

  2. thank you for your support.
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    Couldn't get a publisher?

  4. Nice going! But you should link to your background, in other words, why Should folks care about your ideas?

    Just a thought,

  5. It wasn't that. Two think thanks offered to publish it. But they wanted me to make changes that I didn't want to do. One even tried to get me to do the job of the treasury and bank of england for free.

    By publishing my self I retained my position on the subject. I looked at the situation in a macroeconomic perspective instead of either side of the argument. The think tanks requested that I took one position or another.

    Also this way I get the royalties from the book.

    In short I decided to publish myself to maintani my writers viewpoint. In macroeconomics in particular poor books are written to push one school of thought or another. The emphasis of my school of thought is that it is based on progressive applied economics. This does not go down well with the Rational Expectations, Austrians, Keynesian or any other school of thought.

    I hope you respect my decision to take the independent stance, which I believe is more valuable. The book is an honest critique with hetrodox suggestions. I find the other papers out are bias and do not provide an good representation of the situation.
  6. Thanks. I linked to my website and blog in the original post.
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    This means the 'think thank is clearly silly. You lost credibility here.

    Look, we've crossed swords before. But, as an institutional macro trader with formal trading in economics, I'm willing to give it an honest read and write a review (while I may not agree with it, I can guarantee to be civil and professional in my views).

    That being said, I'm not going to buy it.
  8. I invent aggregate demand controls. That is part of what the Treasury and Bank of England do. They wanted me to do a tailored aggregate demand system for the UK. That is doing the job of the Treasury and Bank of England.
  9. Thanks, but being close to several macro economists with PhD's -- I would suggest adding some color to your bio -- things like education, published works, etc. I still don't understand why you should be taken seriously in this field. Not flaming, just suggesting. Surf

    PS do you work for the BOE?
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