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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by u130747, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. u130747


    I just received in the mail a book from IB titled "Trading & Exchanges" by Larry Harris. Did anyone else receive this or read it? Is it wothwhile?

  2. us271782

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    I received the same book and had the same question. My friends at Silicon Investor tell me it is a worthwhile read, but I can't attest to that personally.

  3. I received it. Haven't read it yet though. Nice little gift from IB.
  4. TGregg


    I just got one as well. It's even got a quote from Maria on the jacket :D.

    Looks nice though.
  5. I received the book as well and started reading it this weekend.

    It's comprehensive, but basic. It seems it was written as a senior-level (maybe early grad-level) text for a college finance course. I figure I'll pick up a few things.
  6. i just got 2 books. man i hope they dont send me a book for every account.
  7. Andre


    i just got 2 books. man i hope they dont send me a book for every account.

    They didn't send me one... ::wipes tear from eye::
    You can send me one, if you get inundated!

  8. just21


    How much commission have you got to do to get a book? I didn't trade last month!
  9. Htrader

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    I've given them 75k of commissions this year, even more last year and I didn't get squat. :eek:
  10. jem


    I got one also. I have not traded thorugh IB in a couple of months but for a while I was doing 40 -60 minis a day. Do not know if that was a factor or not.
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