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  1. Greetings,

    Check out our new free day trading blog and feel free to post an honest opinion if you think it's useful or not.


  2. The blog was checked out. You come across like a rank amatuer.

    The snake charmers are RUNNING FOR THIER FINANCIAL LIVES!!

    After being exposed on elitetrader, then trying to actually trade, they failed miserably--

    Although near the end of deadzone it looked as if the ES, which at 1:57 PM EST was trading 5 3 minute bars below its daily pivot, might sell off and pull the YM down with it (the advancers-decliners had recently turned negative) the price actually ended up rallying to test the highs of the day of 12637. In general, the afternoon can be characterized by choppy price action with lack of follow through. Two Official Room Calls were issued in the afternoon both of which were shorts. Our first short call was issued by Alex based on an overbought trigger at 2:30 PM EST with entry fill price of 12618, and stopped out for -9 points. Our second Room Call short occured at 3:02 PM EST from an entry price of 12620. Alex saw that there were stubborn buyers at the 12617-618 level and instructed new traders in audio to exit at market (from a price of 12617-12618) and get out of their shorts immediately before the original target 1 of 12613 was reached. Newbies should have been able to get out of the trade with 0-3 points. Pros who were holding out for the full target were stopped out for -7 on their remaining contracts at the 12627 stop. Our MaxSpan (opening 15 min range breakout/breakdown strategy) was stopped out for its first time as the highs of the day were tested. Definitely, it was a very tough day for us. For those of you following our articles (daily recaps/transcripts/blogs) or Alex’s audio transcripts (refer to the first 15 minutes or so of Friday’s 1/12/2007 audio transcript) Alex suggests that due to the large stops (40 points) that can occur on our MaxSpan strategy, you should risk no more than a 1% portfolio drawdown for a stop. For example, if you were to use 3 YM contracts for MaxSpan, your minimum account size would need to be 60k in order to accomodate a 3 contract times 40 point initial stop ($600) in the event a stop is taken. Evaluate the quality of the PureTick.Com day trading signals for yourself by observing our calls unfold in real time. It is an affordable $10 for 10 calendar days for new customers to sign up for our trial period: We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised!

    Educated consumers aint your best customer.

    just look at this blog! its like they never traded before~!
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    Puretick closed the other thread because they couldn't take the heat anymore and now they are back with a
    new one, amusing :cool:
  4. they are desperate for capital infusions. typical.

    Any one can make money in a trending market including tick or whatever. Obviously they cant make money in any other market==see the blog. Rank amateues trying to raise a stake is what this is.
  5. They have left the building.

    Rearden metal was RIGHT!
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    I do not see Oliver Velez putting down your snakeoil, why are you putting down his?

  7. Just Curious. How much does an "ET Sponsor" pay for the priviledge of dispensing a nuanced snakeoil SpamMarketing campaign?
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  10. Those blogs (they are favorites of mine too) also bring in extra income to the blog owners via the affiliation and sponsor ads at their blogs.

    Should we assume those traders, Michael of TraderMike or Mr.X of TraderX are not profitable traders or why do they need the extra income???

    Heck, one of them even has a make a donation link at their blog (credit cards accepted).

    The advantage with those blogs is that they are more personal and that allows us to view them as one of the guys sort'uv speak.

    They also have more educational material even though the information is just basic info.

    Its just good to know that any newbie trader can go there and see a lot of basic trading info in one location instead of looking for it all over the internet.

    In comparison, blogs at a signal caller's website is more like a log file of what is occurring in the chat room.

    Coming across as being cold and not very personal.

    With that said, before Baron deletes this thread or spend his valuable time editing (deleting) commentary that's obviously off-topic...

    I think its time for Baron to strongly consider charging a small fee to all members to have the privilege to post here at ET.

    I'm willing to pay a fee and so should all other members so that we don't have to see threads like this that happens almost every time there's a new sponsor (I'm serious).

    This will allow Baron to continue earning his income via ET along with making a few here happy that there aren't any sponsors here to exploit some newbie trader.

    Yes, there's sarcasm above.

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