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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nutmeg, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Based on Advertising 101 principles, this should bring in some business for the health care industry.

    Remember back in the day, a few ads for over the counter treatments, aspirin, Vicks or Pepto Bismo, how quant when now with advances in medicine we can ask our doctor about Cialus.

    Imo, we are a nation of hypochondriacs. We have our kids on drugs at an early age, seniors popping 20 - 30 pills a day.
    (don't hear much about pharmaceticals polluting our water supply do ya?)

    Coming to a theater near you, drive thru knee and hip replacements located for your convenience next door to the Golden Arches.
  2. drcha


    would you like fries with that knee, sir?
  3. .......because we have all become daytraders. :(