New Bill Requiring All Americans to Buy GM Vehicles

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  1. "AP - - A new bill is being drafted in the House that will require all Americans to replace their current vehicles with new General Motors cars within 3 years. Those who do not do so will be fined
    $ 3,000 and after 4 years could face up to 5 years of imprisonment. The purpose of the proposal is to support the manufacturer 'that all America owns', provide good jobs, and reduce the carbon footprint. - - Those who fill out the proper paperwork showing that they are unable to buy such a GM car on their own because of prejudiced income and credit factors, can apply for a govt/GM guaranteed loan. (Your estimated carbon tax can also be financed for very marginal fees.) Please note that this loan is completely fair and not just limited to American citizens. Young drivers need not be concerned about being able to qualify for this loan. Anyone of legal driving age (16) may qualify for it with a pledge of future earnings and/or government service. Once written it is expected that the bill will be rushed through so it may be passed as quickly as possible. We can't afford to wait too long to implement it. All those who take advantage of this program in the first year will be rewarded with a free On Star tracking system installed to keep them safe. "
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  3. LOL thats freakin hilarious :D

    Here's an idea - - maybe people who own clunkers that don't run could trade their carbon credits to people with cars that do run. The secondary clunker market would explode. Damned ! Wish I could talk to Big Al about that; its another billion dollar idea ! I understand the rush he must have felt when he set up his own company !
  4. "According to aficionados, when versatility and reliability become an issue on rearview mirrors, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, and Chevrolet are the reputable auto companies to bank on. Their rearview mirrors are engineered to deliver state-of-the-art quality and performance."

    What do you think? My friends like this technology, but I do not drive right now, but soon!