New Bill Being Proposed That Solves Everything

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Tigerjaw, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. "AP wire - - a new bill is being formulated in Congress that will get to the very heart of all the current economic problems and make the various recovery proposals obsolete. - - This bill would make it a law for China to continue to buy massive amounts of U.S. treasuries, thus providing low interest investment to American companies, consumers, and government into the distant future. Given the population of China, they can easily dedicate a substantial number of their citizens to supporting US citizens directly - - it will be known as global social security."

    Sounds good to me :) As a law professor told me once, "There's nothing that can't solve with a new law !" - - -
  2. There has also been a proposal that the CEO's of the bailed out banks are going to be relocated to China and "be rehabilated according to Mao's guidelines". However before they can work on the communal farms they'll have to loose about half their body weight in order not to look at out place and thus they'll have first to go on a starvation diet.

    And their wives will have to donate one of their kidneys for transplant in order to finance their food until the hubby becomes productive on the farm.

    They'll will have to make some hard decisions because they'll be allowed only one child. If they have more than one child then those other children will have to be farmed for organs.
  3. bali - - Good stuff ! - - - sometimes all you can do is laugh a little to relieve the tension of it all ! :D

    P.S. - - For balance, I'm hoping some will post something poking fun at me and my fellow pessimists out there too.