New Ben Stein Flick, Expelled, Blows the Whistle on the Darwinist Inquisition

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  1. New Ben Stein Flick, Expelled, Blows the Whistle on the Darwinist Inquisition

    by Robert Crowther on August 23, 2007

    Expelled is a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

    Two years ago when we hosted an event at the National Press Club to raise the alarm about the persecution of pro-ID scientists and educators, I was quoted as saying:

    “There is a disturbing trend of scientists, teachers, and students coming under attack for expressing support in the theory of intelligent design, or even just questioning evolution. The freedom of scientists, teachers, and students to question Darwin's theory, or to express alternative scientific hypotheses is coming under increasing attack by people that can only be called Darwinian fundamentalists.”

    Well, it is nearly two years later and it’s sad to say, but the Darwinist inquisition is spreading. Things have gotten worse, not better. Academic freedom is under intense attack by Darwinists across the country.

    Finally someone is fighting back, and that someone is Ben Stein. Stein is perfectly situated to weigh in on this issue, as he is an actor, a pop-culture icon, and at the same time a serious economist who has worked in academia and the government.

    Today the website was launched for Stein’s next film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, due out in theaters nationwide next February.

    Darwinists at George Mason University, Ohio State, Baylor, SMU, University of Idaho, the Smithsonian Institution and a number of other universities and research centers have been hunting down and trying to disgrace and intimidate scientists and educators for daring to defy the Darwinian orthodoxy. Most recently we saw the witch hunt return to Iowa State University and focus on astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez.

    University of Idaho president Timothy White issued an edict proclaiming that it is now “inappropriate” for anyone to teach “views that differ from evolution” in any “life, earth, and physical science courses."

    The National Center for Science Education sent out a letter urging all 50 state governors to restrict teaching the controversies of Darwinian evolution.

    The Ohio State Board of Education was pressured by the ACLU to repeal its Critical Analysis of Evolution lesson plan and revert to teaching only those items which support Darwinism, essentially censoring the state's science teachers from expressing any criticism of Darwinian evolution at all.

    Cornell University President Hunter Rawlings, III, delivered a polemic speech denouncing intelligent design and scientists and scholars researching the theory.

    Chemistry professor Nancy Bryson lost her job at a state university after she gave a lecture on scientific criticisms of Darwin's theory to a group of honors students.

    Law professor Francis Beckwith had his tenure challenged at Baylor University because he had expressed a professional opinion that it was constitutionally acceptable to teach intelligent design in public school classrooms.

    Three days before graduate student Bryan Leonard's dissertation defense was to take place, Darwinist professors at Ohio State University accused Leonard of "unethical human-subject experimentation" because he taught students about scientific criticisms of evolutionary theory.

    High school teacher Roger DeHart was driven from his public school simply because he wanted his students to learn about both sides of the scientific debate over Darwinian evolution.

    Biology professor P.Z. Myers at the University of Minnesota wrote this about anyone supporting intelligent design or even just questioning modern evolutionary theory: “Our only problem is that we aren’t martial enough, or vigorous enough, or loud enough, or angry enough. The only appropriate responses should involve some form of righteous fury, much butt-kicking, and the public firing and humiliation of some teachers, many school board members, and vast numbers of sleazy far-right politicians.”

    Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's hope Stein can use Expelled like an ice cutter to break through. Scientists and educators deserve all the protection and support they can get.
  2. Although I am neither a creationist nor an intelligent design advocate, the main problem with the scientific community in this regards, is this strange idea that they have arrived. They keep forgetting that science is a work in progress. And there is likely much more to be discovered, than the sum total of what we already understand.

    It seems every time a story comes out, they say "this will rewrite what we know about X". In fact I remember one time with one of the planetary fly-bys, the project lead says "most of what we know about this planet's moons will have to be rewritten.

    For crying out loud, we already have Hubble and a boatload of large ground-based observatories in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that give us an already decent picture of other planets and moons in our own solar system. One flyby and we have to rewrite a lot of what we know?

    Science often becomes a bunch of professionals running around with hammers, trying to pound down everyone else who happens to think there is a deity behind it.

    And don't get me started on how blind they appear with trying to understand the nature of dark matter, dark energy, the 11 dimensions they currently hold that the universe is, etc.
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    Seems the only ones asserting the scientific community has the idea it has arrived, are the ones who have an idea they have arrived - at a deity.
  5. This is quite funny. The darwinist side, exemplified by communism, is probably your arbiter of high moral standards, right. And just how many scientific hoaxes have to be exposed before you'll admit to it being "unclean".

    If the way this PZ Meyers dude that you linked to was treated unfairly, then that would make your fat arsed hero Michael Moore the most lyingest filmmaker to ever wield a camera. And you talk about ends justifying means. You are almost a perfect idiot.
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    Right on archi dude. First Darwin, Hoax. Then came them there life saving machines and medicines scientists made going against God’s will that folk must die in pain and misery, Hoax. That evil hubble scope , Hoax. .Godless space rockets fired up into heaven, Hoax. Electric, Hoax. Satteelites Hoax. Now computers and an interwebby. Hoax.. Science hoaxes need to be cleaned. away when will they learn. And what the fuck was so wrong with McCarthy anyway? He cleaned 'em hoaxes clean away.... did too. Those idiots don’t know how much stuff they get wrong.
  7. Darwinian Evolution Is Atheist Materialism's Holiest Dogma

    by Robert Crowther on August 12, 2007

    Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren today has an interesting piece titled "The Limits of Darwinism," an obvious nod to Michael Behe's recent book, which is subtitled, "The Search for the Limits of Darwinism."

    Warren starts with an interesting questions:

    "In this case, we must ask ourselves why so many people get so excited about an area of science that should not concern them."

    He finds that it is likely because atheist materialism treats Darwinian evolution as a sort of holy writ that cannot be criticized.

    Much of the "star chamber" atmosphere, that has accompanied the public invigilation of microbiologists such as Michael J. Behe, and other very qualified scientists working on questions of design in natural systems, can only be explained in this way. The establishment wants such research to be stopped, because it challenges the received religious order, of atheist materialism. Any attempt, or suspected attempt, to acknowledge God in scientific proceedings, must be exposed and punished to the limit of the law; or by other ruthless means where the law does not suffice.

    The ongoing suppression of the academic rights of scholars and scientists to ask hard questions proves the point. Ask Guillermo Gonzalez, or Bryan Leonard, or Michael Behe himself how hard it is to raise any criticism at all of Darwin's theory. They will tell that the materialist high priests will brook no such dissent.
  8. I think that the Taliban would also agree with the notion (er, "science") of Intelligent Design. Just think how much you IDers have in common with them! No doubt, they share some of your other values as they relate to lifestyle, faith and so on, as well as your keen interest in scientific inquiry. Who would have thought, eh? I imagine that their imams teach that particular science class.
  9. It's the Darwinists that have much in common with the Taliban. Academic freedom is under intense attack by Darwinists across the country. The ID camp isn't attempting to censor anyone, or get anyone fired or denied tenure. Those are the tactics the Darwinists employ.
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