New backtesting software for Mac OS X?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nekakvse, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. nekakvse


    Hi guys!

    Inspired by Wealth-Lab and TradingBlox, we are making a prototype of trading systems development/testing/execution software for OS X.

    It will run on Mac OS X only. We want to create true mac application, that is very stable and "just works".

    But the fate of project is unclear yet. For our investor consideration, we are trying to make estimates of all variables involved.

    Would you, please, comment on:

    1. How much of you use or would use macs for your trading business?
    2. What's on your wishlist for the software?
    3. What price tag, in your opinion, would be fair to you?

    Many thanks! Let's hope we'll make it. :)

    I've originally posted this message on trading blox forums and it was removed and my account disabled with no warning at all :( It is very strange, because I've read forum rules before posting and I'm sure I did not violated any!
  2. I've been using macs since OS X "Panther" and just love them. clean interface, rock-solid stability and memory managment.

    My question is, why not write the software in java so that your application could be platform-independent? I'm not sure how an interpreted language would affect optimization speeds, compared to compiled languages like C++...

    I really wish NeoTicker and Tradestation would have a UNIX offering running through an X server. That would make linux boxes and macs ideal platforms for backtesting and automating strategies.

  3. nekakvse


    The idea is to have *native* Cocoa application. Looks cool, rock-solid, fast and compact. Pure Java will fail to deliver that.

    Also, we are not fond of stretching support by supporting every platform out there :)
  4. lindq


    Investor RT was created originally for Mac and still supports it.

    Can you provide better pricing, features and support? That would be tough goal to reach as they've been at it for years, but good luck.