New And More Profitable Career

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  1. I know all about numbers and since there is now a position open locally I'm getting into the numbers game. All cash and tax sheltered.

    TRENTON -- During raids that were nearly carbon copies of ones last year, bookie Alvin Brown was arrested by vice officers who seized piles of cash and stacks of betting slips that once again point to the 62-year-old as running the city's lucrative numbers racket, city police said.

    City police did not put a dollar amount on Brown's alleged current operation, but last year authorities said Brown could have netted about $1 million a year.

    Authorities say the confiscated cash backs up the estimate.

    When city and county authorities busted Brown last year, they seized what they believed to be a record for Trenton police: more than $741,000 in cash and coins.
  2. Nothing new, probably the second oldest profession. :D I used to work with a guy who's real job was as a bookie. He worked for benefits to include flight benefits as it was an airline. Kept his clients to known persons as much as possible and dropped people right away if they didn't pay, so didn't bother with the threat b.s., and all that garbage. He worked as little as possible and golfed as much as possible. Actually retired form the bookie business. But I think he's back at it, on a smaller scale for a nice cash flow. Now that I think about it he used to watch the trailer on his Ameritrade account and buy and sell off it and did well with that also. Although he may still be sitting in some CSCO he kept saying had to come back. LOL