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  1. Hi

    I'm looking to open an eMini account with a broker and start trading but my capital is limited. I have fairly extensive experience with the markets but have just entered the 'real world' from college so my capital is minimal. Who has a reliable firm with low capital requirements?

  2. Most everyone in our trading room is using Transact/Infinity. Their margins are a lot lower then IB. They pretty much JUST do e-mins. Give them a look/call
  3. Thanks
  4. use interactive brokers.

    safe and effective.

    need 5k to start i think
  5. jkhek21

    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Hello Dave,

    My Name is Johnny a Broker from Global Futures. I came across your post and wanted to provide you some information about my company as well on what we can potentially offer you. In the past we have defintely been able to work with new traders who are barely stepping into the futures markets. We do provide fairly low day margins for E-Mini Contracts at only $500 per contract. We do not require a minimum account size so as long as you can meet the margin requirement. I normally dont recommend to open an account with the minimum day margin amount as you dont have much room for risk capital. However we are more then willing to try and work with you, do what we can to earn your business. If you are interested in more further details you can contact me with the info below.

    thank you for your post and have yourself a great day.


    877-367-3177 x 127
    hours of operation 7:30 am cst - 4 pm cst
  6. Tums


    what you have is TIME
    what you don't have is money

    you can afford to wait
    but you can't afford to lose money

    wait, do three jobs if you have to.
    save up some workable capital,
    then make the plunge
  7. Sonic Futures & Options. 500$ Day Trading. $2000 Minimum Opening Account Balance.
  8. I believe it's $10,000 now.
  9. SDacct


    If you are a college student or under 21, the requirements and fees are pretty good. 3k minimum with $3 fees unless you rack in $30 in commission.
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