NEW - 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed

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  1. Their was a truck bomb that went off at the WTC in 1993. What did that mean?
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    That it was Bush's fault? :)
  3. 377OHMS


    lol nonsense.

    Islamofascist terrorists attacked in hijacked airliners. You need your head examined.

    Rational people just aren't going to see it your way. You should add lots of exclamation points like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Your are so psychologically vacant THEY have already written you off in THEIR win column. :eek:
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    Which THEY are you referring to, the ones that are out to get you?

    Ever since Reagan tossed all you folks out of the mental institutions we've seen outright lunacy in public. Someday you'll all be rounded back up and dropped into the loony bin. Best for you and best for the public.
  6. Remember now, you are the one stuck in THEIR "Group Think" versions presented to the world through corporate media.

    Remember now, you choose to sit back and accept THEIR stories in the decided NOT to think for yourself.

    Remember now, you have decided to be co-dependent with THEIR stories and you now NEED them for you to be right. You have no ability to be right with your own independent mind and proper due have decided to proxy away your right to think for yourself to THEIR versions of reality.

    This is a very sad state to find oneself in and I do feel very bad for you.....but this was YOUR choice. Remember now, you decided to go the lazy irresponsible route as you accept THEIR "directed" world. In the end, this is not the mentalities of those who founded this great country or the first Americans who built it. Those great Americans were independent thinkers who PROPERLY mistrusted centralized power.

    Here is a great history lesson for you, so you can realign with proper independent mentalities that break co-dependency of the very dangerous "group think" you have found yourself entrapped within. :eek:

    Remember now......

    "it is in the region of IGNORANCE that tyranny begins!" Benjamin Franklin
  7. Well then, we ARE Hosed! How much more ignorant could we American sheeple be?
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