New $7 Daytrading LIVE Room 3-week trial

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    Newly updated! I show up at 8:45am Monday - Friday for premkt planning in addition to morning market coverage. Daily watchlist, chart reviews and more.

    Starting a fresh thread for Q&A here to answer questions. Thanks to all for your interest, it's great working with many traders every weekday morning.

    If you day or swing trade stocks and ETFs under $40/share like I do, you may want to try my live gotowebinar room at:


    It's just $7 for three weeks trial via PayPal (autorecurs at 197/month if you stay as a subscriber).

    It's been popular with traders since 2000, when I started it. Mondays - Friday 9am - 10:30

    For education use only, no individual recommendations nor performance claims are made.

    No bs low-float <$10 pos frontrunning cheap stocks, no course upsells

    Give it a shot, I work hard to help find best gaps, pivots and breakouts daily.