new 3yr?

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  1. I know it is coming, but no one in my office or any of the guys I talk to know when the CME is going to bring it into the complex.

    I have heard a rumor of end of March. Anyone have something concrete on date?
  2. I am told launch date is 23rd March
  3. 3-Year T-Note Joins the U.S. Treasury Futures Complex on March 23, 2009

    On Sunday, March 22, 2009 (trade date Monday, March 23) the U.S. Treasury futures complex will expand with the launch of 3-Year Treasury Note futures. This new product will be comparable to the existing 2-Year Treasury Note futures with similar contract specifications and electronic trading algorithm. However, the 3-Year T-Note futures contract is expected to be more germane as a pricing benchmark for the three-year sector of the yield curve than either 2-Year Note or 5-Year Note futures. The remaining term to maturity of between two-and-three-quarters and three years for issues to be eligible for delivery will distinguish the 3-Year from these other Treasury note futures contracts.

    The 3-Year T-Note futures contract will trade both open outcry and on CME Globex. In addition, CME Group will offer pre-defined, implied Intercommodity spreads on CME Globex between 3-Year Treasury Note futures and the existing Treasury futures contracts on CME Globex.
  4. Will there be a Opening Day Ceremony at its trading pit? Will Santelli, Orman or Cramer ring the bell to initiate trading? :confused: