New 2018: Pictures Of Your Trading Stations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Chris Paciello, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. I am looking for some ideas for a trading setup and station.

    I seen the older thread but technology has come a long way since then with a lot better equipment.

    Some nice trading setups and desks. If you can post pictures plus specs would be great.
  2. _eug_


    Mine is a simple Lap top with a 24 inch desktop monitor attached to it but sometimes ill initial / close positions from my phone.
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  3. pipeguy


    sure bro, nice one eh?


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  4. got the porn site still left on too
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  5. Bekim


    I remember I had my computer custom made like 7 years ago and it still works like the day I got it. I can't find the place I had a built at but I recommend doing it that way. If you buy it from some places they can rip you off or mix cheap parts with expensive parts. Your computer is only as good as the cheapest parts.
  6. pipeguy


    Yup, triggered bro. We know how to relax right?
  7. Bekim


    That's so fucking nasty those bottles look like they have piss in them.
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  8. Wow, bottom left corner, a couple of yogurt containers. 10 points deduction for his cool factor.
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  9. Overnight


    Man, I saw a setup once here that a user posted that was damned sexy, he had one of those large curved monitors mounted vertically, along with some standard monitors as adjuncts. Was very very nice. Sorry, don't remember where,when or in which section.
  10. pipeguy


    This text representation is quite sufficient. So all those monitors to be quick to catch a falling knives. As usual
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