new 20 year supply of oil found....coincidence?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by niceneasy, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. i find it all too coincidental (ever the conspiracy theorist) that just as Bush is talking up reliance on foreign oil, and our impendending jihad against iran, they announce this huge find...

    i am not in any energies right now so am impartial to this news - just seems too coincidental and make me believe something is going to go down soon with iran... especially with the decoupling between commodities and oil in the past 48 hours
  2. Good. This will give all the conspiracy theorists something different to type about. The failed 9/11 trash is getting old as it offends the families and hero's of that tragic day. Enjoy yourselves.
  3. nitro


    Coincidence? I don't know what you mean. This find is one mile deep into the earth. That is unprecedented AFAIK in the search for oil in this country, hence it's rarity.

  4. Arnie


    Anyone else notice that we haven't had many hurricanes? Mmmmm, a coincidence? I think not! It is obvious to me that the Haliburton Hurricane Genertor was retro fitted as the Haliburton Oil Finder, just in time for the elections. That Cheney and Rove at it again!
  5. lol
  6. Good grief, Bush and his cohorts at it again.

    If cancer is cured just before the elections, you can bet it's just Bush trying to distract the average voter.

    I'm also highly suspicious of the Croc Hunter's "accident." That stingray was obviously in the employ of Halliburton, which was tired of his pro-environmental stance and defense of a creature that, as recently discovered by Halliburton scientists, excretes pure crude oil.