new 2 trading, lost 40% already :(

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  1. im new to the forum and i signed up because i lost a lot of money given to me as inheritance. i traded the eurofx in commodities and found myself losing money more times than not.. i was told euro is high in liquidity so thats where i put alot of my money. this sucks because i started with 50 k and now im down to about 10 and im pulling my hair out..

    what am i doing wrong ? i feel that im going to continue to lose more money because the market always turns against me at the time i least need it to...
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    You don't know how to trade, you don't have a plan and you're risking too much. Welcome to the jungle.
  3. LOL!
  4. Actually, not. Just the same droll troll who started all those "i quit" threads churning the ET cesspool here.

    All of the real traders are gone from this site, quit posting aka ericp's explanation or lurk inside your thread alone. Look around you at all the other thread titles and topics. Compare that to 2001 when you first joined here. What difference(s) do you see?

    signed off for the week or month, again
  5. Where do we start... your maths maybe: from 50k down to 10k is not a 40% loss.
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  6. Yip. So many of these dumb threads now.

    I really have no idea what kind of moronic life wants to spend their time like this. Obviously someone who is very lonely if this is the way they seek attention.
  7. stop trading. Take a vacation. Come back and tell us what you think then.
  8. DON'T come back....please:mad:
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    First things first
    study elementary algebra 50-10/50 = 80% not 40% hope that makes you feel better:D :D :D
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