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  1. Just wondering if anyone has some recent comments or opinions(useful one hopefully) on Nevis Trading. I am a trader from Canada who has been pointed in their direction from JC Trading because Nevis deals with the non US customers of their prop division. I have seen that there are other threads concerning Nevis but was hoping for something a little more recent. Thanks.
  2. I would not put my money into Nevis (country)
  3. Joe is that just your opinion or is that based on any accurate information/personal experience? Cause some might say that putting money into any American bank is as risky as playing the stock market.
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    And you reasons for saying such a negative statement would be.....?
  5. Joe is that just personal opinion or are they based on any accurate facts or stories you have heard? I have also heard that putting money in any American banks is as risky as trading.
  6. I have done a significant amount of research in offshoring as well as trading. Has nothing to do with putting in American or other major country's bank.

    And my opinion is that I would not put investment funds into Nevis in a trading company.
  7. Joe, that is a strong statement. Are you able to elaborate at all? Please share your reasoning so that we can all have an informed opinion. I have done some research and have found nothing other than some speculation as to why not to put money into foreign countries. Any additional information that I may have missed would be greatly appreciated.
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    Do a search for "nevis trading" They have been around for quite a while with nothing negative said about them....actually just the opposite....very good reviews.

    For non-US traders, I would have to issue trading through them. Also, I think they are in Canada and not in Nevis.

  9. Based on what ?