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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jarlaxle, May 13, 2008.

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    does anyone knows anything about Nevis Trading LLC? Any info would be very great! thanx

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  2. URL ?
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    In today's environment I cannot understand why people seek out these companies. I mean there are so many well known reputable shops that have been disscussed time and time again. I guess people just like throwing their money away, or this is just a publicity stunt.
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    did not find any url and I contacted with a well-known shop called JCI trading and they passed me toward to Nevis. /I think because I'm outside of US, but not sure.../I could not find any info of them on the net that's why I started this thread. If you don't like it, don't read it, more over don't reply it. it's simple IMO.

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    you might want to check out interactive brokers they work outside the US.
  6. Why don't you ask JCI for contact info about Nevis ?!
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    Nevis is a good firm and I recommend them.

    Enough said !
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    If anyone other than Joab has any experience with this firm let us know here...I understand why some people may be gun shy but we need to hear from you fellow traders. I am open to private messages also, thanks.
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    never hear of them till the sponsor or ad here.

    there aren't that many reputabl prop trading firms that let you trade without any rules or require a $5000 CASH deposit.

    bright trading requires a $25,000 CASH deposit whicgh is too much just to daytrade and deposit into a somebody private bank account with no insurance or protection if firm gets busted by teh SEC or funds are frozen for any reason.

    the risk of prop firms is they could be here today gone tommorrow and you as a trader have no recourse to get your deposit back since it's a foreign based prop firm.

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