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    Can anybody have some information about Nevis Trading Group
    Can i trust them regarding fund transfer

    please reply
  2. Try doing a search on Nevis Trading. They have been around for a while and have a very good reputation. They are only open to non-US traders.

    They are also somehow related to JC Trading Group, which has perhaps the best reputation on these forums.
  3. nevis is a place where one can transfer money and someday, find out they may not get it back.
  4. What does that mean?

  5. to people who actually understand about "tax havens", this is understood. The US crackdown on offshore gambling is only one example. But offshoring your money to tax havens is a risky thing to do. Perhaps you should do some research before trying to sign up clients.
  6. Its a trading firm, just like Title Trade or Swift Trade. I think you are confused.
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    If you have an issue to persue through the courts in an offshore situation, it is very difficult and expensive. Such as getting your payouts and deposit back.
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    I could be wrong but I believe one reason for no US citizens is to avoid the need for a Series 7. Anyways I had an account with Nevis for a while, they are great people with really quick replies. They are always available for questions. I had absolutely no problem withdrawing my money when I left. I would recommend them.
  9. aargh. There needs to be some minimal entrance requirement for basic English understanding before someone (like this referenced person) can post

    Obviously it was assumed they were in Nevis, because their name includes Nevis. Their website confirms this:

    Nevis Trading, LLC
    Main Street, #556
    Charlestown, Nevis
    West Indies

    Now do you understand "offshore"? Their website also states this!
  10. This is from a post on this thread from Nevis Trading ( jc&pagenumber=2 ). I trade at JC and know some Canadian traders who have traded at Nevis for 2 years and only have great things to say about them. :

    06-04-08 12:28 AM

    Thank you for your interest in Nevis Trading. This offshore fund was created for the international non-US, active trader. We offer both "per ticket" and "per share" clearing using the Laser platform. Besides the US equity markets we are now able to offer trading on The Toronto Stock Exchange as well.

    To help facilitate the marketing, administration, and risk management functions, we have hired JC Trading Group to work as consultants. We have worked with JC Trading for two years and are honored to be associated with a firm with such a fine reputation.

    Please visit our website, to learn more about us. You can call/IM on Skype at "nevistrading". Also, for your convenience, we have a Canadian phone number, 778-785-1570.

    Thank You.
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