nevis trading email with lower rates

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  1. just got this email from elitetrader sponsor nevis trading. looks pretty good and they still offer laser:

    Nevis Trading is excited to announce lower rates and higher payouts. We are now offering rates as low as $.0002 ($.20/1000) and payouts as high as 100%. We continue to offer Laser, as well as Sterling. Please call or email us about our new lower capital contributions. Please call us at 778-785-1570, email us at, or over Skype at "nevistrading".

  2. yeah as low as 0002 if you do large volume..
  3. They're probably going under so they want your deposits so they can run off to costa rica with your money and bang some whores. :]]]]]]
  4. Nevis is a good solid firm.
    Its rates have been one of the best out there.
    taking its services and creditability into account, it is the best firm out there.
  5. Topper


    " Nevis Trading Group LLC is an offshore proprietary equity trading firm catering to international remote traders. Nevis Trading Group LLC is only open to non-US citizens. "

    Does this quote from their page still hold true?
  6. yes, it is true.

    i dont like many firms out there for various reasons, but nevis is one of the very few firms that i do like.
  7. LOgg


    only thing i dont like about nevis is that they aren't registered directly.

  8. What are the rates for low volume ?
  9. yes and no.
    if other things would/could stay exactly the same if they were registered, yes. otherwise, i prefer what they are now