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  1. Anyone here trade with the Nevis group prop firm? Or know more about them..
  2. it is good, i have a $25000 deposit with them
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    I was also curious about Nevis, they were recommended to me from someone I trust in a forum I watch, but if anyone has an opinion backed by actual proof either positive or negative that would be nice.
  4. Yeah i found it on another board as well pretty trusted trader imo. The thing im curious about is its out of the country. But i have been hearing some good things tho. Just tuff wiring 5k to an bank in bangkock lol.
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    Are we talking about the same Nevis trading? The Nevis trading I know of is in Charlestown, Nevis West Indies---
  6. Yes thats the one.
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    wasn't that the old jc trading?what happened to jeff goldberg of jc trading? did he split up from his partner from years ago chris?
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    that's strange....although if they offer some kind of protection for your assets then its not such a big deal to me. Anyone have any experience at all with Nevis in the regard of transferring money to them and more importantly getting your money back when you want it?
  9. Jeff and Chris are still partners at JC Trading Group ( They also work with Nevis Trading (

    I have traded with JC for a long time and can vouch for their professionalism. I have a friend in Vancouver that trades through Nevis and only has great things to say about them as well.

    Also, JC and Nevis are both sponsors here on ET and have been for years.

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    ET has seen you 3-post, new account shills talking to each other hundreds of times. The fact that you need to resort to this tactic to market your firm completely undermines your credibility.

    We all know now that Nevis has something to hide.
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