Nevermind security, here is 300 billion worth of gold

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  1. Pekelo


    We had a thread recently about the New York Fed's vault that Germany wanted to audit to see if the gold was still there.

    Here is how the Brits are doing it, no secrecy or much security (being seen), just shit load of gold:

    The Bank of England protects about £197 billion ($315bn) worth of gold,

    The vaults are off limits, but the Bank of England Museum will let you lift a real gold bar:

    Favorite quotes:
    "The Swiss gold looks much nicer than the Australian gold, that looks like a loaf...."
    "In some ways I think it's quite disappointing seeing these bars because the gold is an exciting element. It has interesting chemistry and it's just sitting here doing nothing."

    An article with pictures:

    For extra fun: visiting the Royal Canadian Mint:
  2. The guy in the last video, "Did they just spill half a million dollars worth of gold?" LOL.

    What's China up to these days. .with gold?
  3. Humpy


    Amazing that there is still some gold left in the Bank of England after that prize chump Gordon Brown gave notice he wanted to sell some tons of it. With that advance warning it naturally affected the price of gold around the world and it was worth a lot less when he sold some.

    But don't worry about slippery Gordon he has landed a plum job with the UN ( like his mate Tony ) in charge of education !! Can you believe it ?
    A conspiracy of left wing idiots ?
  4. =================
    Hey,, not just anybody could ''get''3.5 billion/ an average price of gold over 4 years=$275 an ounce.LOL..Dealers nicknamd it the ''Brown Bottom''[source wikipedia]:cool:
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    Toi gold museum in Japan holds the largest gold bar in the world (250kg), and I touched this beauty on a visit a couple of years ago. Sadly I could not pick it up!

    It's a cool place to visit (the gold mine dates back to the 16th century).