Nevermind gold, lets talk Palladium...

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    What do you think?
  2. Depends if you are talking for investment or for survivalist purpose.

    For investment, the future is comparable to other precious metals.

    For survivalist purpose, not so much.

    Of importance for both scenarios, physical possession is assumed: ACTIVELY traded (liquid) instruments are few. Therein is your clue as to why survivalist usage is not very appealing.

  3. All the appointments for the next 8 weeks to trade it are taken.:cool:
  4. If we reach a mad max scenario. Gold wont be worth shit.

    Stuff like women,potable water,food,medical supplies,guzzoline,bullets,etc.. Will be bartered.

    Gold only works if you have an economy with a market that functions.

    No economy, no functional markets you can forget gold.
    All those gold bugs buying gold to hoard it and bury it somewhere will be in for a rude surprise.
  5. i think palladium is a great buy here - it is a catalytic trade down from platinum and was something like 650 a year ago. i own some myself
  6. I constantly hear this from the armchair theorists. Check out this vid for a real life view

    Even in a total anarchy situation, gold is still arguably the most useful commodity - because gold can get you out of there when nothing else can. I'll take a flight to Polynesia over 1000 cans of beans in a bunker while you wait for the gangs to break down your door.

    But getting back to palladium though - a lot hinges on adoption of nanotechnology in catylitic converters, nonetheless, I'm bullish simply because it is a shallow market and we are nearer the production price that any of the other precious metals.
  7. In a total anarchy situation, i dare say guns are the most valuable commodity.

  8. Lead, copper and depleted uranium become "precious" metals. :cool:
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    What makes you think the airlines would still be operating in a total anarchy situation?
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